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NEXTEDGE Technologies GmbH is hunting for the latest AI technology companies worldwide to transform them into a European success story.

Proven processes, for Market Dominance.

Unlock your path to market leadership with NextEdge Technologies. Our strategies ensure dominance in the European market by connecting you to the European sourcing network.

Easy to use, for rapid Results to grow your business.

Invest just a few hours in a workshop to start the process. We start working from day one and deliver sooner than expected.

Years of Experience, ensure Professional Services.

Decades of experience in the tech-industry make NextEdge a beacon of professionalism and expertise, guiding your business towards European success.

What we do at NEXTEDGE Technologies: 

Do you want to enter, grow and succeed in the European AI market? NEXTEDGE Technologies GmbH stands at the forefront of technological transformation, specializing in catapulting AI technology companies to European market success. With a proven track record and robust processes, NEXTEDGE Technologies ensures that your company not only enters but dominates the European market landscape.


Our Core Offerings and Approach:

  • Strategic market entry: 

    NEXTEDGE Technologies uses a structured, low-risk approach to facilitate your company's entry into the European market. Our methods are designed to build confidence and ensure smooth and effective market penetration.
  • On-site AI expert team: 

    Benefit from the local expertise of our dedicated team in Europe. Our AI strategists, marketing and sales professionals are deeply embedded in the European ecosystem and ready to accelerate your business growth.
  • Accelerated business expansion: 

     Our approach is designed for fast results. By implementing proven strategies and mobilising an expert sales team, we help you rapidly expand your business across Europe, creating significant opportunities.
  • Trusted Partnership: 

     At NEXTEDGE, partnership is at the heart of everything we do. We work closely with you, providing ongoing guidance and support throughout your journey to establish a strong foothold in the European market.
  • Sustainable market success: 

    Leverage our deep market insight and tactical acumen to navigate and thrive in Europe's complex business environment. Our strategies are designed to turn potential market challenges into lucrative opportunities, ensuring long-term growth for your business.

How we achieve success

Unlock Europe's Potential with NEXTEDGE Technologies: We provide a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored for your success across the European markets.

 Go-to-Market Strategy

 Go-to-Market Strategy

Your Market Success Begins Here: We deeply analyse and understand your target audience and perfectly position your product to their specific needs. Our comprehensive go-to-market strategy includes all the materials necessary to communicate effectively with your target market.

Building your Market

Building your Market

Expand Your Horizons with Elite Connections: We connect you with a growing network of influential executives and thought leaders who can drive your business forward. Leveraging this dynamic network, we act as a catalyst to significantly enhance and broaden your market presence.

Be your Sales Team

Be your Sales Team

Your Local Sales Powerhouse: We serve as your dedicated local sales team, expertly transforming leads into loyal customers. Fully equipped to manage initial market engagements, we guarantee a robust and impactful market entry.

Shape your Growth Story

Shape your Growth Story

Secure Your Market Foundation: After you've established your market fit and achieved initial success, we help you anchor your business locally. We provide turnkey office solutions, expert legal guidance, and support you in building a high-performing local team.

Why Choose NEXTEDGE Technologies?

With decades of cumulative experience in the technology industry, NEXTEDGE Technologies is a beacon of professionalism and expertise. Our unique blend of strategic foresight, local market knowledge and comprehensive support makes us the ideal partner for AI companies looking to conquer the European market. 

We work with SMEs

We work with SMEs

SMEs want to change the world and be super successful. They are driven by a lot of energy and enthusiasm. At some point, your business development meets Europe. We are here as your European base to build the market and be your local representative.

We won't rest until you're the most important player in the market.

We work with corporations

We work with corporations

Our Fortune 500 clients have existing processes, big initiatives and even bigger goals. NEXTEDGE Technologies accelerates your market success and revenue growth.

We won't rest until you exceed your customers' expectations. 

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Learn everything, we do:

Unlock the full potential of your business with our comprehensive suite of expert solutions and services:

Go-to-Market Strategy

Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Exclusive Decision-Maker Network:

    Enjoy unparalleled networking and growth opportunities with exclusive access to our network of decision-makers - an advantage your competitors can't match.

  • Premium B2B Lead Acquisition:

    Gain direct access to high-quality B2B leads in the european market surpassing standard offerings with connections that truly matter for your business.

  • Lead Qualification:

    Save time and increase your return on investment with our strategic lead qualification process, which ensures that every lead has real potential for your business according to MAN criteria.

Building Markets

Building Markets

  • Product Strategy

    We develop a product strategy that will resonate with your target market and align with their cultural preferences.

  • In-depth target market and competitor research

    We conduct in-depth market and competitor analyses for your target market and products, enabling you to gain a strategic advantage.

  • Go-to-Market Package:

    We provide a comprehensive go-to-market marekting package that equips you with strategic insights and actionable plans to successfully launch your product and make it a success story.

Sales Team

Sales Team

  • Culticultural Expertise:

    Our multicultural background provides tailored strategies that respect and leverage the cultural nuances of your business environment, ensuring more effective global engagement.

  • Elite Sales Professionals:

    Our Elite Sales Professionals elevate your market approach with unmatched strategic sales expertise, providing a personalized service to outperform your competition.

  • Transforming Leads into Customers

    Our service is designed to convert potential leads into loyal customers through the use of targeted engagement strategies and personalised follow-ups.


Growth Support

Shape your Growth Story

  • European Market Expansion Partnership:

    Smoothly expand into European markets with our unique partnerships.

  • Hand holding in estahlishing your legal entity

    From finding the office to creating your EU company and hiring your own team, we are one hand to provide assistance.

  • Strategic Growth Consultations:

    With our personalized strategic growth consultations, your business won't just adapt to market changes but lead them, setting a proactive growth path."

Services for European Companies

We also provide European technology companies with a gateway to the global market. In collaboration with our global team, we facilitate the expansion of your business into international markets. Contact us if you are seeking new customers, investors, or an offshore delivery centre.

Meet the NEXTEDGE Team

Vision: NextEdge Technologies aims to be the bridge that brings global markets closer together by finding and sharing the latest technological breakthroughs. Our vision is to share cutting-edge technology across continents, connecting people and businesses for a smarter, more connected future.

Uma Mudigonda

Uma Mudigonda, CEO of NEXTEDGE Technologies GmbH.

With over 30 years of experience, Uma is a leading figure in IT outsourcing, sales, consulting, AI, cybersecurity, and product development. His strong financial background and deep expertise in AI, sales, and consulting are crucial in delivering significant value to customers and partners worldwide. Passionate about creating AI-driven solutions and launching successful startups, he has founded thriving ventures in consulting, cybersecurity, and AI. His strategic insights and innovative approaches are the key to harnessing the transformative power of AI to drive business growth.

Uma Mudigonda / CEO & Co. Founder

Thorsten Wolfermann

Thorsten Wolfermann, Head of Consulting and Coaching for NEXTEDGE Technologies GmbH, is always on the lookout for ways to achieve top performance for his clients. He focuses on generating B2B leads and converting them into customers. He brings more than 15 years of experience in agility, project management, process management and extensive industry knowledge in insurance, banking, healthcare and IT outsourcing.

Thorsten Wolfermann / Haed of Consulting  & Co. Founder

Bikramjit Paul Choudhury

Bikramjit Paul Choudhury, Head of Revenue at NEXTEDGE Technologies GmbH, has an extensive international background in consultative sales of nearly 3 decades, including over 20 years in Europe, supporting multi-cultural clients primarily focused on digital transformation for industries such as manufacturing, retail, transportation for both Change the Business (CTB) and Run the Business (RTB) scenarios. The experience also includes working on large scale projects with hyper scalers and large consulting firms, and driving innovation through AI driven solutions. 

Bikramjit Paul Choudhury / Head of Revenue

Gereon Neuhaus

Gereon Neuhaus, Head of Sales at NEXTEDGE Technologies GmbH, has the highest level of expertise in sales and relationship management. The business administration graduate has been working in the IT industry for over 30 years and is a proven expert in the development and management of sales channels and organisations. Gereon Neuhaus began his career as a branch manager at Siemens Business Services. He then gained experience at managing director and board level at Siemens, bank IT companies and in large corporations and listed companies. This has resulted in 20 years of expertise in the conception, planning and implementation of marketing strategies.

Gereon Neuhaus / Head of Sales 

Frank Lange

Frank Lange, Senior Sales Executive & Business Partners at NEXTEDGE Technologies GmbH, can look back on many years of experience in building and maintaining sales and partner networks. Among other things, Frank is responsible for sales and partner management at NEXTEDGE Technologies GmbH.

Frank Lange / Senior Sales Executive & Business Partners

Halis Isik

Halis Isik, Head of Technology at NEXTEDGE Technologies, is dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. He has an impressive track record of B2C sales successes with the use of the latest technologies. As a dedicated interdisciplinary professional, he excels in recognizing and harnessing the connections between diverse fields of knowledge.

Halis Isik / Head of Technology

Heike Alayli

Heike Alayli, Senior Content Specialist @ Nextedge Technologies, specializes in content writing, customer service, project and financial management, and has in-depth knowledge of SEO, B2C Content Strategies, and LinkedIn. She is a multi-talented professional with a focus on the creation of quality content and the development of effective strategies to increase online visibility. Her project management experience enables her to lead and successfully complete complex projects. 

Heike Alayli/ Senior Content and SEO Specialist

Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your brand in the EU. We are dedicated to cultivating lasting relationships and driving sales growth.


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